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Migration Tool Provide the wantlist you wish to migrate.

Upload Wantlist

  • NIEM 4.0 to NIEM 4.1 conversion.
  • NIEM 3.2 to NIEM 4.0 conversion.
  • NIEM 3.1 to NIEM 3.2 conversion.
  • NIEM 3.0-with-domain-updates conversion to NIEM 3.1.
  • NIEM 3.0 conversion to NIEM 3.0-with-domain-updates.
  • NIEM 2.1-with-domain-updates conversion to NIEM 3.0.
  • NIEM 2.1 to NIEM 2.1-with-domain-updates conversion.
  • NIEM 2.0 to NIEM 2.1 conversion.
  • NIEM 1.0 to NIEM 2.0 conversion.
  • GJXDM 3.0.3 to NIEM 2.0 wantlist conversion.

Migration Output

  • Migrated wantlist.
  • Migrated subset.
  • Migration report containing:
    • Actions taken and choices made in migrating the wantlist.
    • Issues that could not be resolved automatically.
    • Statistics indicating degree of migration resolution.
This is the wantlist file that you will migrate.